Meet the players…



Crunch, CRUNCH! Express Breakfast is crispy, crunchy and will leave nothing of their opponents except a few crumbs on the ice!

Meet the team:


#4 Danish
A rich and tasty treat, this guy will stop the opponents’ offense and give you a sugar high.

chicken n waffles

#5 Chicken ‘N Waffles
This guy is both sweet and savory, with a penchant for winning.

#6 Burnt Toast
He’s fast, hot and ready for the breakaway at any moment.

hash browns

#7 Hash Browns
This crunchy guy will keep the other team guessing as he skates around them.

bear claw

#8 Bear Claw
He might seem sweet, but try to take a bite out of this Bear Claw and you will feel his wrath.

eggs over easy

#9 Over Easy
Don’t worry, this warrior is no pushover. Over Easy is sizzling hot and ready to jump on the ice any time.

#12 Coming soon…

Special K

#16 Special K
You might thing he’s not so special, but you’ll change your mind after you get checked by him.


#18 Warm Yuengling
He glides down the ice as easily as a swig of beer during a long night of partying.

scrambled eggs
#22 Scrambled Eggs
This skater leaves the other team scrambling to find the puck.

#27 Fruit Loops
He might seem a little loopy, but just try to get a goal past this net minder.

cold pizza

#33 Cold Pizza
Marinara flows through his veins. Try to grab a slice of Cold Pizza – you will end up covered in crust and wondering what happened. 

capn crunch
#40 Capn Crunch – Team Captain
The Cap’n crunches his opponents. Look out for this all-American on defense.

#48 Irish Coffee
Warm and smooth, but dangerous if you try to get past him.

#55 Home Fries
This delicious dude will slice up the ice as he skates to a big win.


#86 Expresso
Get dazzled by his dark, rich flavor, while he glides around you toward victory.

#77 Lucky Charms
He’s magically delicious so look out.

#89 Scrapple
Know what’s inside this guy? Neither do we!